Yayoi Kusama Exhibition at Victoria Miro

18 January, 2019 11:32 am

From October to December 2018, art enthusiasts were treated to an enlightening and expansive exhibition by Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro. The display, which was entitled ‘The Moving Moment When I Went To The Universe’, covered a range of new additions to her renowned collections. These works included previously unseen paintings in the ‘My Eternal Soul’ series, a special adaptation of the ‘Infinity Mirrored Room’ series, and an array of flower sculptures and painted bronze pumpkins.

Victoria-Miro-Yayoi-Kusama - Rachel Laxer blog

A respected international career

Yayoi Kusama is an iconic Japanese-American artist working in a range of mediums from painting and sculpture to installation and performance art. She is a central figure in the conceptual and feminist art movements, and has been active in the art world since the 1940s. A few of the pieces that she is most well known for include ‘The Woman’, ‘No. F’, ‘Narcissus Garden’, ‘Pumpkin’ and ‘Obliteration Room’.

Victoria-Miro-Yayoi-Kusama - Rachel Laxer blog

The microscopic and macroscopic

Yayoi is recognised for frequently adopting pumpkins in her work, which is an image that originates from her childhood growing up in an agricultural family. She has spoken about her fascination with the ‘unpretentiousness’ of pumpkins, and described the ‘solid spiritual balance’ that she sees in their form.

As an artist, she explores both the microscopic and the macroscopic world in many of her pieces, and this is especially evident in the kaleidoscopic bursts of colourful imagery that feature in the ‘My Eternal Soul’ series.

Victoria-Miro-Yayoi-Kusama - Rachel Laxer blog

Fantastical and psychedelic sculptures

At the Victoria Miro exhibition, visitors were able to appreciate the detail of Yayoi’s exhilarating work up close in the waterside garden. Here, gigantic flowers made from bronze sculptures were dotted around the open space. The bold and fantastical arrangement of these colourful pieces encapsulated the highly creative psychedelic nature of Yayoi’s craft.

The combination of giant floral sculptures in the delicate natural environment outside the Wharf Road galleries only served to highlight Yayoi’s experimental creative style.Victoria-Miro-Yayoi-Kusama - Rachel Laxer blog

Continuation of the Infinity Rooms

Attendees at the showcase also had the opportunity to witness the debut of ‘Infinity Room – My Heart is Dancing into the Universe’. Since the 1960s, Yayoi has been developing the Infinity Mirror Room series, which explores how people experience multi-sensory artistic environments.

In this stunning exhibition, Yayoi Kusama unveiled the latest evolution of this continually developed artistic study. The room, which featured an array of colourful lanterns, was equally as stimulating and thought-provoking as previous renditions.

Victoria-Miro-Yayoi-Kusama - Rachel Laxer blog