Highlights from the Phillips Important Design Auction

13 March, 2019 2:22 pm

This March the esteemed auction house – Phillips – will be hosting its ‘Important Design’ auction this March, showcasing some of the 20th century’s most respected designers. Incredible pieces from the likes of Max Ingrand, Gio Ponti and Ugo La Pietra will be on offer, giving collectors the opportunity to get their hands on some exceptional works.

Phillips was founded in London in 1796 by Harry Phillips, a senior clerk to James Christie. Phillips established himself and the brand as a strong presence in the auction world and pioneered the act of hosting elaborate receptions prior to auctions – something that is now a key part of the auction process today.

We’ve selected three designers who works are on offer at the auction that we are particularly excited about.

Gio Ponti

Gio Ponti was without a doubt one of the most important and influential figures in 20th century design. He was an extremely accomplished architect, furniture designer and essayist; along with being the founder of Domus magazine in 1928. Ponti was famous for the creation of a wide range of designs, but he’s particularly well known for things such as the Pirelli Tower in Milan and of course the exceptional Superleggera chair. Advertisements often showed a model lifting the chair with one finger to showcase its lightness, in a vein akin to Ponti’s whimsical flair that he so often exuded.

Dressing table and stoolHighlights from the Phillips 'Important Design' Auction

A stunningly sleek dressing table and stool in marble, walnut, mirrored glass and brass from the 1940s.

Rare ‘Arcobaleno’ table lampHighlights from the Phillips 'Important Design' Auction

This magnificent piece was made around 1930. Made out of glazed earthenware and brass, this would be a beautiful lamp to own, adding subtle colours to a space.

Armchair, model no. 811important design

Made from walnut, this armchair is a shining example of mid-century Italian furniture, with its sharp edges and low-slung design.

Max Ingrand

A famous French master glass worker and decorator, Max Ingrand is responsible for creating some true design classics such as the Fontana Table Lamp which continues to be a highly successful product today. Ingrand specialised in decorative arts and was also exceptional at creating stain glass windows. He was instrumental in rebuilding many of the damaged stain glass windows after the Second World War.

Rare ceiling lightimportant design

Made from copper, painted steel, aluminium and chiseled glass, this light from 1964 would make for a phenomenal statement piece. The irregularly chiseled glass pieces catch the light in different ways, producing an almost diamond-like radiance.

Ceiling lightimportant design

With its elegant overlapping coloured glass elements, the piece is a great example of Ingrand’s style. We love how the subtle colours blend with one another becoming entirely different shades as they overlap one another.

Table Lamp

Highlights from the Phillips 'Important Design' Auction

We’re completely in love with this lamp. Such a bold piece with its strong feminine features. Made from painted metal, brass and coloured glass in 1955, this really is a must have.

Franco Albini

An architect, designer and university instructor, Franco Albini was a key influence in early and mid 20th century design. He began his career working for Gio Ponti after graduating from Politecnico di Milano University in 1929. In all his work, from home furnishings to industrial and museum design projects, Albini always instilled a logical consistency and an extreme purity of expression.

Pair of early ‘Fiorenza’ armchairs, designed for the dining room of Casa F., Milan

Highlights from the Phillips 'Important Design' Auction

A fabulous pair of chairs from 1945 crafted out of walnut and brass.

Set of six early ‘Luisa’ armchairs, designed for the dining room of Casa F., Milan

Highlights from the Phillips 'Important Design' Auction

This set from 1945, made out of walnut, leather and brass would make for a truly spectacular dining room for those special occasions. We love the indigo-like blue fabric contrasting against the walnut.

Unique bookcase, designed for the study of Casa F., Milan

important design

Created in the mid 50’s for the study of Casa F., Milan, this walnut bookcase would make for an exceptional addition to any mid-century collector’s home.