How office design affects productivity

12 November, 2018 2:18 pm

Creating the right space for your employees can be a real challenge, especially when you’re limited with by space and/or budgets. But there are a few techniques that can be used to great effect. We specialise in the kind of office design layouts that promote wellness, and we’re happy to share some of our interior design knowledge on how office design affects productivity.

The right lighting is vital for workers

Opting for the right lighting is important for increased productivity and heightened mental wellness. Use as much natural light as possible to illuminate working areas, as this can cut levels of eye strain, headaches, tiredness and stress, which can all lead to lower well-being and feelings of depression. If you have to opt for artificial lighting, try to fit adjustable lighting which can be adapted to worker office design affects productivity Dropbox РSan Francisco 


Ensure office ventilation is adequate and don’t rely too much on air conditioning as this can cause physical health problems, which may then lead to reductions in overall mental health. All these issues might impact on worker productivity over the longer term, so ensuring good, natural ventilation in the workplace is a key task for any facilities manager.

Optimise acoustics

Using fabrics, textiles and acoustic wallpapers can help reduce noise in offices and make them far more comfortable for employees. Reduced noise levels allow all workers to focus on tasks at hand, which in turn boosts productivity office design affects productivity Airbnb РSan Francisco 

Use ergonomics

Ergonomic workplace design helps reduce a number of physical conditions, so sit-stand desks, stand desks, ergonomic seating, footrests and laptop screen supports are all useful in preventing bodily strain. These all help increase productivity and levels of well-being in workers. Remaining seated at desks all day can be detrimental to mental health, so encourage all workers to move around regularly in order to promote positivity.


Flexible working environments are very popular for contemporary offices and creating quiet zones, meeting areas, collaborative spaces and yoga rooms in the workplace makes it easy for workers to take a few minutes out any time they start to feel stressed. One critical zone for any office environment is a separate eating area, as snacking at the desk is an unhealthy habit for any worker to develop.

how office design affects productivity

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Biophilic design

Biophilic design elements, like plants or trees in the workplace, can be very restful and promote good health. All office workers enjoy the natural appearance of living plants within offices, and they create a calming ambience which is extremely important for increased levels of creativity, productivity and mental health.

how office design affects productivity

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