Le Chili à Paris Exhibition

4 December, 2018 12:26 pm

Between October 26th and November 27th, the Galerie Collection in Paris played host to six very special Chilean craftsmen. Le Chili à Paris exhibition was a success by any measure, and a wonderful celebration of the art and craftsmanship of truly unique designers from South America. Le Chili à Paris exhibition

Galerie collection

The Galerie Collection was built in 2016 by the Ateliers d’Art de France, who were also involved in organising this autumn’s Chilean exhibition. Ideally located in the heart of Paris’ Marais district, the Galerie Collection is well used to hosting major art and craft exhibitions, running annual shows which bring contemporary French crafts to visitors from around the world.

Le Chili à Paris exhibition

Featured artists

Le Chili à Paris featured six of Chile’s most forward-thinking artists. Paola Moreno works in textiles and incorporates traditional and more experimental practices into her art. Also showcasing her work was ceramics artist Lise Moller, who studied sculpture in London and now creates ephemeral artworks which evoke chaos.

Le Chili à Paris exhibition

Another sculptor, this time working in stoneware, was Pascal Lehmann. His breathtaking works of art usually stand in the National Museum of Fine Arts in Chile, as well as in private collections. Egon Muñoz and Herna Marchant hail from the town of Pucón and have more than twenty years’ experience in woodworking. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, they use native wood to craft exquisite representations of animals and birds.

Le Chili à Paris exhibition

Also inspired by the natural world, Pérez and Martha Pachón look for the smallest details and put them centre stage in sandstone and porcelain creations. Finally, Nano Pulgar and Claudia Betancourt were in attendance with their contemporary jewellery workshop, Walka. They experiment with traditional styles and materials, giving them a contemporary twist and investing them with new meaning.

Le Chili à Paris exhibition

A successful show

As Paris tilted into autumn and winter, this exhibition brought a little South American sunshine to the Galerie Collection. Visitor numbers were extremely high and with good reason. The skills, craftsmanship and passion which was on display was truly breathtaking, as was the sheer range and diversity of the featured artists. As a celebration of Chilean culture and creativity, this exhibition was the perfect showcase for the country and its crafts.