Hotel Design Highlight – Amangiri Utah

8 October, 2018 3:46 pm

Based on the border between Utah and Arizona, Amangiri at Canyon Point is located near Lake Powell and the well-known Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument. Amangiri Utah is an exquisite example of hotel design with wellness very much at its heart, making it right up our street.

Amangiri utah - rachel laxer interiors blogImage by Rich Stapleton

The luxurious Amangiri Utah resort is a hotel unlike any other, blending exclusive, five-star style and comfort with the backdrop of some of America’s most dramatic desert scenery.

Equally, it’s also a modern reinterpretation of traditional Native American architecture and was inspired by the local sandstone.
Amangiri utah - rachel laxer interiors blog

The whole resort exudes luxury and exclusivity, and the service guests receive from the staff is highly tailored to their individual requirements.

The construction of the resort takes the form of a rectangular pavilion, with sharp, polished concrete edges so the building almost vanishes entirely into the rocks.

Amangiri utah - rachel laxer interiors blog

Meanwhile, an elegant swimming pool curls its way around a striking rock formation, while even the spa enjoys incredible desert views.

Yoga and hiking in the desert are all part of the offering, and a yoga pavilion which opens up to views of the surrounding mesa is designed to be used both day and night, allowing for moonlit yoga sessions under starry skies.

Amangiri utah - rachel laxer interiors blog

A key aim of the design was to help ensure harmony with the stunning desert landscape. The idea was to build something that truly felt a part of its environment, and which enhanced guests’ feeling of connection with their natural surroundings.

The team also wanted to maximise privacy, and to enhance the wellness aspect of the resort. That meant a minimalistic approach which optimised the desert views. At the same time, it was important for guests here to feel that they were able to escape the frantic, digitally-driven world they normally inhabit.

Amangiri utah - rachel laxer interiors blog

This inspired the thinking behind designing everything in a minimalistic way.

In fact, an act of Congress had to be passed before work could even start on the building. Given that the resort is based in a specially protected area, this only added to guests’ sense of exclusivity and privilege.

Amangiri utah - rachel laxer interiors blog

Above all, nature is the true protagonist at the Amangiri Utah Resort, and the designers worked hard to preserve that.