Design Feature: Peter Marino’s New Chanel Boutique

26 February, 2019 4:59 pm

One of the best features which every Chanel store has is the way that they are all different inside. While the overall feel will be unmistakably glamorous, each shop will have its own highly detailed and bespoke interior. The latest Chanel store to embody this design approach is the ‘Townhouse’ in London. Found on Walton Street in trendy Chelsea, it shows just why this French brand remains one of the most celebrated around.

Design feature: Peter Marino's new Chanel boutique

Chanel’s new boutique dazzles and delights

The familiar design code woven into all Chanel boutiques is here for customers to indulge in. The legendary palettes of black and white welcome you in while tweed and bouclé can be found everywhere from the carpets to the fabrics. As with all Chanel stores, there is a real feeling of baroque opulence in how the interior has been designed.

For this new London location, the Louis XV armchairs are one of the main ways that this baroque aesthetic is injected. Giving a nod to Coco Chanel’s Rue Cambon flat, it is architect Peter Marino’s way of connecting the store with its famous past.

Design feature: Peter Marino's new Chanel boutique

But what other bespoke touches does the interior to Walton Street deliver?

One impressive design trick is how they have taken an elegant townhouse space and made it feel personal. There are welcoming sitting areas to relax in and handmade window panels by top embroiderers Lesage to reinforce this feel. These features not only make it an inviting place to be for those shopping but also their partners waiting. Also included in this elegant boutique is a fabulous ground-floor shoe salon which houses the usual exquisite range of Chanel shoes.

In the dressing rooms, Marino has created designer spaces that are well lit with soft lamps. This helps customers feel and look good when using them.

Design feature: Peter Marino's new Chanel boutique

Art plays a huge role in new store

Art is seen as essential within Chanel stores and is a way that architect Peter Marino reflects the current cultural mood in society.

The new Walton Street store is no exception and uses some of the best female artists around to set the ideal mood. Prime amongst those on show is a beautiful tweed-inspired photographic piece by Michal Rovner. Other striking artworks in the new store include a Murano-glass sculpture from talented French artist Jean Michel Othoniel.

Design feature: Peter Marino's new Chanel boutique

Latest triumph for Peter Marino

A huge name in interior design circles, Peter Marino has been working with Chanel since the early 1980s. Over that time, he has become so integral to their image that he has become a face of Chanel in his own right. Initially, Marino worked on private homes for the Wertheimer Family when in his early 30s before moving into designing the retail outlets for Chanel.

Marino’s talents have been important in recent times when Chanel have faced the rising popularity of online shopping. Marino himself has stated “when people have this attitude [regarding shopping in a store when they can buy things online], I tell them there’s an interesting statistic: only one out of every four people who walk into a luxury boutique purchases something. What is important is that all four of the people who went into that boutique, including the people who didn’t buy anything, leave with a positive impression of the brand.”

Design feature: Peter Marino's new Chanel boutique

Marino and Chanel will continue to grow

With the luxurious stores he creates updated every three years, it seems sure that Marino and Chanel will continue to work fabulously together. With bespoke art pieces commissioned personally by the architect for every revamp, going into a Chanel boutique will always be an exciting, dynamic experience. Whether you pay a visit to pick up the most elegant ready to wear clothes or fine jewellery, the new ‘Townhouse’ in London certainly delivers this.