Rachel Laxer - Designing a Health Retreat

Designing a Health Retreat

“The word Artah translates as purpose or essence in Hindu philosophy. As a broader concept, it refers to the activities and resources that enable an individual to be in their desired state, and since the state of your health determines the way you live your life, Artah was created to embody this notion.“ We were briefed by ARTAH founder Rhian (more...)

Rachel Laxer - Making your home your personal fitness getaway

Making your home your personal fitness getaway

Health and fitness is always a hot topic, but in recent years the wealthy have been showing an increased focus on maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. This, naturally, is showing in the ways they're choosing to have their homes designed - there appears to be a consistent focus on personal fitness and more involved luxury home gym designs. (more…)

Rachel Laxer - Design well to live well

Design well to live well

As the modern world becomes increasingly reliant on addictive smart technologies and the global political stage becomes increasingly disorientating, wellness has become a hot topic. Indeed, with anxiety on the rise and awareness surrounding mental health improving, consumers are on the lookout for spaces, products and lifestyles that will help them achieve a calm and peaceful mind in a hectic (more...)

Rachel Laxer - Gucci Pop-up Apartment at Milan Design Week

Gucci Pop-up Apartment at Milan Design Week

One of the most mind-blowing things we saw at this year’s Milan Design Week was the pop-up store from Gucci décor, a stunning two storey boutique showcasing the brand’s homeware collection. Creative director Alessandro Michele managed to ‘Gucci-fie’ an entire apartment and every inch was taken up by the fashion house’s own furniture, porcelain, dinnerware and other home furnishings. (more…)

Rachel Laxer - Art Feature - Interview with Ashraf Hanna

Art Feature – Interview with Ashraf Hanna

Recently we had the great pleasure of chatting with the exceptionally talented Ashraf Hanna. Ashraf is known for his masterful ability to turn pottery and glass into beautiful organic shapes that would be at home in both traditional and contemporary spaces. As big fans of his work, we were very keen to discover more about his journey and how his (more...)

Rachel Laxer - Value Investing: Buying Vintage Design

Value Investing: Buying Vintage Design

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Never is this truer than when selecting antique items for your home or work space. Of course, the piece you purchase may already have the antecedence that makes it valuable. Or, your acquisition could grow in worth in the coming years. However, the true value of vintage items is in (more...)

Rachel Laxer - Designing with scent

Designing with scent

The intimate relationship between scent and emotion has been studied by scientists around the world for decades. Research has shown that the olfactory cortex is one of the most powerful parts of the brain when it comes to processing stimulation. This area is located right next to the hippocampus, which stores long-term memories, and explains why specific scents can make (more...)

Rachel Laxer - Creating the ultimate luxury home spa

Creating the ultimate luxury home spa

Many of us would probably take up permanent residence in a spa if we could. Did you know, for example, that stress accounts for most workplace illness? Indeed, millions of working days are lost to it each year. So having somewhere to completely detox and unwind at home at the end of the day could do amazing things for your (more...)

Rachel Laxer - Wellness design: what is it, and why does it matter?

Wellness design: what is it, and why does it matter?

50 years ago, wellness just meant the opposite of sick or unwell. It’s a term that mushroomed in use during the 1980s and 1990s, as gyms and workplace started to take notice and wellness grew in popularity and importance. It wasn't long before wellness design started to follow suit. (more…)

Rachel Laxer - Blackpop Launches New Range

Blackpop Launches New Range

Luxury interior designers Blackpop launched their exciting new range of wallpaper, fabrics and rugs at Decorex, part of the London Design Festival, in the city this September. The Blackpop new collection, dubbed the Collector’s Collection, is inspired by Sir John Soane’s Museum, one of those hidden London gems that’s a real treasure trove of antiquities and wonder. Based in the (more...)