Designing a Health Retreat

3 October, 2019 7:57 am

“The word Artah translates as purpose or essence in Hindu philosophy. As a broader concept, it refers to the activities and resources that enable an individual to be in their desired state, and since the state of your health determines the way you live your life, Artah was created to embody this notion.“

We were briefed by ARTAH founder Rhian Stephenson with the above quote to design her health retreat in Girona, Spain. 

ARTAH Retreat., Girona, Spain.

We created private areas where guests can relax, reflect and reconnect with themselves after an active day out cycling. These communal rest areas were designed to help guests connect with each other. You will find quiet restful corners for individuals and larger spaces to be enjoyed by groups of people.

The retreat is beautiful and relaxing but also functional so that the purpose of the guest’s stay can be met. There are treatment rooms for restorative exercising and massage therapies. A simple and functional dining space to nourish your body. A yoga studio and an outdoor pool to exercise and beautiful bedrooms for guests to relax, sleep and reflect. These are simply luxurious – not opulent and we think reflect the philosophy of being in one’s ‘desired state’. 

We worked with a colourful pastel palette on a neutral backdrop. Most of the furniture pieces, especially in the reception and communal areas are made from natural materials such as wood and rattan which reflects the pared back nature of the retreat. The design needed to be modern, yet timeless to reflect the philosophy of the brand. 

In the bathrooms we took inspiration from the incredible Spanish tile designs. You will see some bright pink and green tiles that were sourced from Bert & May and Porcelanosa. ARTAH Retreat is a place filled with energy and fun and the injection of colour and pattern helps us to reflect that.

Many of the accessories and lighting were sourced from local craftsmen which was really important to us and our client. Supporting the local community and giving back but gives the retreat an authentic feel and helps it connect with the local landscape. 

All photographs taken by Alex Dufill courtesy of ARTAH.