Making your home your personal fitness getaway

21 May, 2019 12:30 pm

Health and fitness is always a hot topic, but in recent years the wealthy have been showing an increased focus on maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. This, naturally, is showing in the ways they’re choosing to have their homes designed – there appears to be a consistent focus on personal fitness and more involved luxury home gym designs.

Not so long ago it was enough to have a small pool, a treadmill, and a cycling machine – those days are seemingly truly in the past, however. Take, for example, Centre Point Residences in London’s West End. As a part of the £55 million transformation into luxury apartments, a 30-metre swimming pool has been unveiled. At the Embassy Gardens a 35-metre “Sky Pool” is being constructed, transparently connecting two residential towers on the tenth floor.

How fitness-focus determines design choices

The hunt for a healthier, happier life is being seen in how homes for the super-rich are being designed. Those with a high net-worth seemingly are beginning to look for very specific features in the homes they’re purchasing. For example, ice baths and hypoxic chambers to simulate training at altitude are growing in popularity. Air purification through specialist quartz lamps to increase wellness are also popular. High-heat saunas and freezing plunge-pools are becoming more popular too, as hot/cold therapy’s effect on the body becomes better understood.

Lighting is a big part of mood, which contributes greatly to one’s overall feeling of wellness. A popular option is to have lighting that alters throughout the day in line with the body’s natural circadian rhythm – so at a certain time of day the lighting will be coloured in a way to compliment the mood.

There are also businesses such as Fresh Fitness Foods which will take a client’s workout routine, lifestyle, and dietary considerations into account – they then prepare meals specifically for that person and deliver them to the door. Filtered water systems allow water to be purified straight from the tap, to both improve its taste and further remove any impurities.

The importance of specialist installation

Many of these systems need to be integrated at a foundational level, and a lot of the equipment being favoured by the highly wealthy is very specialised. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to simply browse online and arrange an installation – which is where luxury design specialists become invaluable.

Working with a team, such as Rachel Laxer Interiors, is about more than gaining access to sophisticated and ground-breaking design inspiration. It’s also about gaining access to a comprehensive network of industry specialists, who will be able to facilitate the installation of specialised equipment into a home or apartment.

Health, wellness, and fitness are of primary importance – for seamless integration into your lifestyle, get in touch with us.