Design well to live well

8 May, 2019 2:58 pm

As the modern world becomes increasingly reliant on addictive smart technologies and the global political stage becomes increasingly disorientating, wellness has become a hot topic. Indeed, with anxiety on the rise and awareness surrounding mental health improving, consumers are on the lookout for spaces, products and lifestyles that will help them achieve a calm and peaceful mind in a hectic world.

wellness design - design well to live well - rachel laxer interiors

Wellness design

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry is set to hit an astounding $180 billion by 2022. For property developers and interior designers hoping to make the most of this huge industry, this means reorienting their focus on creating spaces that support healthy minds. In practice, wellness design could mean focusing on using calming, natural materials such as unfinished woods and making sure rooms are flooded with natural light. It could also mean installing light fittings that work in tandem with a person’s circadian rhythms or assigning rooms to specialist activities such as yoga or meditation.

wellness design - design well to live well - rachel laxer interiors

Focusing on creating a space that allows people to escape from the overwhelming demands of the digital age and brings them back to nature will help them to feel happier and healthier in their everyday lives. In commercial properties, this will also encourage productivity in the long run.

As evidenced by myriad research into the topic, living in spaces that tune in to our natural body clock and internal rhythms can help clear the mind and prevent issues such as burnout.

wellness design - design well to live well - rachel laxer interiors

What does this mean for property developers?

Today’s high net worth buyers now hold wellness at the top of their agendas. For property developers, this means looking beyond the luxury spa and gym for inspiration. Rather, they should look to find innovative ways to help people streamline their lifestyles, allowing them to take control of their living spaces. This could come in the form of smart lighting or heating options for example.wellness design - design well to live well - rachel laxer interiors
Another thing to note is that wellness design is not only a trend for vast open spaces such as the Amangiri Resort. Indeed, upscale projects are emerging in dense, hectic cities such as New York. The XI, for example, a top-of-the-range residential project in Manhattan’s Chelsea area is based on the concept of wellness. It comprises two 38-storey towers that twist into the sky and have the notion of ‘Yin and Yang’ at their heart. It also offers a spa hotel and resort and represents a wonderful spark of inspiration for designers hoping to incorporate wellness into their upcoming developments.

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